Grant Grove, Kings Canyon National Park

This section of Kings Canyon National Park, more logically is a part of Sequoia National Park (i.e. it exists because of the Sequoias). This is the area originally protected as a National Park, then called General Grant, after the tree. The less accessible Kings River drainage with Kings Canyon itself was added later. This small part of the park has several campgrounds, a variety of lodging options, the visitor center, the General Grant tree, and Wilsonia (a private in-holding). The sierra crest on the eastern border of these parks is not generally visible from the western portion of the park, except that a few peaks on the crest are visible from Panoramic Point, a short walk from the end of the road above the visitor center.

General Grant Tree, Kings Canyon General Grant Tree. Originally the name for the park. Not as large (volume) as the General Sherman, but it is hard to tell the difference in size. The 2002 listing has it third, fatter than Sherman, but shorter (but both taller and fatter than Washington, which is listed second, unless it is the President that should be second).
General Grant Tree, Kings Canyon General Grant Tree. This is the kind of branch that broke off of the General Sherman tree. Most major tree and branch falls occur in the winter when snow and wind are an issue.
North Loop Trail, Kings Canyon North Loop Trail. This trail along former roads is a relatively easy loop through a variety of groves. It is a relatively long loop with no shortcut options (and starts at the end of the overflow parking) so there are fewer people on this loop. Usually less crowded than the other trails in the Grant Grove.
Sequoia in Kings Canyon One of many trees, but a good view of this one is possible.
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